Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discover your passions!

I was sitting in bed talking with Rory talking about some pretty emotional things and just began "vomiting" everything I was thinking and feeling.  I know my poor husband was trying so desperately to keep up, but how could he? He is not me and therefore he does not think like me. I became a little frustrated because I was having such strong feelings and I just couldn't understand why he couldn't feel them too. Then it hit me! That is why I write! I remember having similar frustration with my mission companions because they just didn't get it. I began to write to express those feelings and ideas and I found it so incredibly satisfying. I was so happy because I could let it all go on paper and I didn't have to carry around emotional weight anymore. I would write deep, powerful, truthful things and in return I would feel reconciled with my true self. I felt so validated! What a discovery to learn I didn't need another person to "get it" to feel validated. That is what I think makes writing so satisfying. We all have this need to express ourselves. We need to get it out somehow. Some of us love expressing vocally (me), but then find that some of the people we share with don't seem to care as much as we do and that can leave you feeling a little bit empty. Sometimes it's like the bible says "We have cast our pearls before the swine." I am so incredibly grateful for that little reminder over the weekend. I know writing will bring me so much peace and hopefully I can inspire some of you reading this to find your passion or find it again if you have wandered away from it. Maybe it's writing or maybe it's something else... Feel free to share, I would love to know what makes you tick :)

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